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The first domestically sourced and 100% organically produced prebiotic fiber (Inulin) made from Jerusalem Artichoke.

Improving Nutrition With Natural Technological Functionality.

An added benefit of supplementing your formula with Jerusalem Artichoke Fiber (Inulin) is its capability to enhance flavor, increase the intensity of berry or fruit flavors, and improve the mouth feel and consistency.  Jerusalem Artichoke Fiber (Inulin) is an excellent substitute for sugar and aids in reducing added sugar amounts. It is amazing how our IOF Jerusalem Artichoke Fiber (inulin) improves body and mouthfeel of low-calorie fruit preparations, said Kyle Griffiths the CMO at Intrinsic Organics.  Formulas with no added sugar and or the use of high intensity sugar supplements,  our inulin products enhance the product and provided a well-rounded fruit taste and fruit feel.


Intrinsic Organics inulin is 100% USDA Organic, grown domestically, and manufactured in the United States to provide the USDA organic guarantee, clean label enhancement, and improve consumer friendly label needs.



We Start as we mean to Continue

The Intrinsic Organic Story For Prebiotic Health.

Dave Erlebach our founder and CEO said, “As information about healthy eating continues to grow, more and more people will make conscious decisions about what kind of foods and food ingredients they will consume”.

At Intrinsic Organics, we are determined to provide organic ingredients from nature’s own complex resources to meet consumers demands. Our domestically grown and organically produced OprJA™ and inulin products are produced from Jerusalem Artichoke grown in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and watered from the crystal-clear waters of the Snake River with its source starting in Yellowstone National Park. “Most inulin products are manufactured outside of the United States”, said Kyle Griffiths the Chief Marketing Officer for Intrinsic Organics. “We are proud that our 100% organic products will support U.S. farmers and created manufacturing jobs in America”.

Please allow our team to show you how our transparency and multitude of quality certifications can help you build consumer confidence in your products.


We Have Common Purpose At Intrinsic Organics - To Make  Your Products Better

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